Riding home from work – A trip on my bike.

Maybe it what could be called “Slow Radio”

Ian Riding home from work

I’ve been commuting on a bike since my school days as a twelve year old. It’s just been part of who I am and today I thought I’d put on my lapel mic, fire up Voice Recorder Pro 7 on my iPhone and record the 14 km trip home from work. The trip from Northgate where I work at UAP to West End normally takes around 50ish minutes but I’ve managed to remove the unnecessary pauses in order to hope this is reasonable for others to listen to.

This is still a long recording but I’ve done it more as a memory for myself. One day in my dotage I’ll listen back to this and remember these days. That’s the advantage of audio. If anyone does manage to listen to it please let me know, just out of curiosity.

I mentioned back in the day when working in Sydney I videoed my ride from Balmain to work at Fox Studios. Well this is the video…

The ride I’ve done 100’s of times

The route to and from work is only different by one set of one way roads in the city, other than that the route is the same in each direction.

I'm sure you've got some ideas about this? Eh?