Podcasts & Digital Legacy

Back in 2006 I discovered the world of podcasts and immediately thought I’d like to play in this digital world. Little did I know how hard it would be but I dove in deep and learnt about audio, blogging and eventually a little video.

If you’ve ended up here looking for my previous projects, I’m still maintaining Your Story, though it’s very much inactive but I intend to use it from time to time as I meet interesting people.

Create Your Life Story was my attempt to commercialise what I’d learnt from producing the content at Your Story. Sadly that didn’t work out. Now, as I write this in 2017 CYLS has been static for five years and is now archived as a CreateYourLifeStory.WordPress.com site with the audio at Archive.org. It’s certainly not as functional as it was as a stand alone site but at least it hasn’t been deleted and just faded away as many sites do as they become neglected.

I put a huge amount of work into Create Your Life Story and I feel the content is of real value for others so it should remain for people to utilise.

I learnt a lot producing content for the podcasts and I hope I can bring some of those skills to this site as a way of sharing what I wish to achieved here.

Ultimately the podcasts were always about telling stories and I’d like to continue to tell some stories here of how things unfold.