Hello world, this is my personal blog!!!


Just a quick mention that this is my personal space where I’ll be putting the stuff that I don’t think should go on the Your Story site but I feel impelled to get out there.

I’ll be putting some of my personal thoughts family history and what ever comes up.

Just a private space.

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About Ian

I'm in my late forties with a teen age daughter living in the eclectic area of West End in Brisbane Australia. I've 30 odd years skills in manufacturing within the trades and film industry. I'm deeply involved in exploring how people connect and communicate both intellectually and habitually. Interests in Science, Personality, Empathy, Evolutionarily Psychology and Attraction. I'm interested in peoples thoughts on life. By understanding others we learn about ourselves and others, so forging community. Ya!

One thought on “Hello world, this is my personal blog!!!

  1. I didn’t know how to contact and just wanted to tell you that I just watched the vedeo you had from Swidwin. You did a great job. I was born in Swidwin in 1964 but presently live in Ma, USA. It was so nice to see the places I grew up at again, especially the castle ( where I used to go dancing every weekend…lol). Thanks again! Great job!

I'm sure you've got some ideas about this? Eh?