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43 Years since I was Awe Struck with Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

It’s a memory that never fades.

I was only a kid in 1969, 43 years ago when I sat in front of our shiny, piano finished 3 in 1 National stereogram to watch the first landing on the moon with Neil Armstrong, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and Michael Collins. I didn’t have to go to school that day and why would I with such an event in the happening.

I was transfixed for the half-dozen hours it took for Neil and Buzz to walk on the moon and return. What a day! One that is still my most important memory of my childhood.

Today I was listening to Radio National’s The Night Air and throughly enjoyed their masterfully orchestrated version of the Apollo 11 landing and more… All mixed in to say something else about Space Doubt. And there is audio from the first landing which I hadn’t heard before.

Enjoy 🙂


… and the actual landing images with the Google moon image beside it.

… and if you want the full interview Neil Armstrong did in August 2011 here is where you can find them.

Now we know they didn’t behave this way but I’m sure this was the sentiments at the time even if they didn’t swear.

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