125 Year Family Celebration.

A little of my personal family history.

The 27 April 2009 was the 125 anniversary of Eduard(57) and Antonia (51) Kath Gravemigrating in 1884 from Swidwin in what is now Poland to Australia with their four children Herman(22) Wilhelm(18) Heinrich(14) Auguste(11). After initally arriving in North Queensland they settled at rural Glenco in South East Queensland just west of Toowoomba.

At the time they were among the founding congregation of the local Lutherian church and last week end on the 2 May 2009, 125 years since their migration to Australia, my family, the descendants of Eduard and Antonia gathered to celebrate on those same church grounds, our family history.

Last year at the annual family picnic that my family have been having at Somerset Dam since 1964 my cousins announced that this year would be the 125 anniversary of the migration and asked if we should have a celebration. To an resounding Yes! Judy and Robyn set about over the last year preparing, familychurchcontacting and communicating to all the family that the celebrations were on. As you can see from the video we had an outstanding time with family picking over the information and photos of our heritage.

The huge amount of work that went into preparing for this I can’t comprehend but only imagine. I can’t express how much I admire Judy, Robyn and June for the amount of work that went into preparing for this celebration, pulling it all together and the wonderful time that we all had.

This is my family. Good people one and all and it was wonderful to see everyone come together for this once in a lifetime celebration of our heritage.

If your a family member visiting to see this video and images thanks for dropping by to have a look, thanks for coming to the reunion and thanks for being part of my family.

A video of my trip to Swidwin last year is in the previous post


150 members of the family

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7 thoughts on “125 Year Family Celebration.

  1. Thankyou Ian for the movies, great to see the reunion photos and your trip to Swidwin. Very interesting.

  2. I-Rock,

    I followed your audio advice and had myself a wee gander at this little bit of editing comeuppance — now, I note for the official gazetteer that I haven’t seen your Swidwin clip yet…so if it’s any way in the way of comparison — but for a guy who’s “not an editor,” I’d have to say it’s quite a nice bit of work.

    More moving images would be preferrable, naturally, if only to keep pace with the rest of the clips out there. It’s the difference between static porn and say moving image of jiggling curves of delectable fleshiness (sorry, it’s late here and I’m, um, thirsty). I mean, unless someone really want to sit through 3-10 minutes of personal video footage (egs. family members, significant others, partners, students, temporary love-vassals or other prisoners of passion), I don’t think you’re going to break through the e-clutter.

    But a couple more of these — perhaps another couple of addenda over at YSP, and I think we’re ready for a good tango.

    By the way, in preparation for your trip, please try to get your hands on the documentary THE TAKE (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0426596/) which is a good primer for the historical situation after the 2001 Argentinian financial collapse. Also, if you haven’t seen NINE QUEENS/NUEVA REINAS (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247586/) then you’re going to appreciate it as well.

    I’ll try to juggle up my grey squishy matter to see if there are any other good titles you can check out. It goes without saying that you’ve had to have seen the Baz Luhrmann STRICTLY BALLROOM, right?

    Your bud in the Golden Burg,

  3. Ian, love your presentation on the 125years Celebration Day and great to see it from another view point. It was a great day and even better to be able to share it with others. Thanks for your efforts.
    Thanks also for your video on Swindwin I found it very interesting to actually see the starting place of the Kath family was amazing. You made it become reality and not just a town on a map.

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