Drop Bears – My Close Call & Escape

It was just a stroll in the bush.

But that’s how it always starts isn’t it? Something innocuous and innocent then before you know it there’s a maelstrom swirling around you.


My girl and I were out for a stroll in some surban bush, not too far from the hustle and bustle but bush all the same, when a monster from mythology and lore became real.

WTF Drop Bears!

Drop Bears (Thylarctos plummetus) are something we hear of from time to time and some research has been done into their national dispersion but sadly the authorities seem to have created an approach of denial. There are many forums online which come close, I’m sure, to the truth but the upshot is the harm of a terrorising demon beast from our primal past hunts tourists and internationals. There is much information out there and from respected publications but still the danger is dismissed.

I could go on about it but I think the audio and the images say what this experience was like for me. Thank-you to everyone out there for your compassion and understanding. I’m a little rattled but I’ll recover, however I don’t know how I feel about going into the bush again after this experience, at least with people who may attract these monsters.

Drop Bear attack

Just after the attack. It made a mess of me

If you’ve had an encounter with a Drop Bear please mention in the comments of your experience. It may help others.

Drop Bear

The impact of the attack caused this.

The next day and well on the way to recovery

The remanants of my shirts after the claws of the Drop Bear slashed them to pieces.

Learning Improv.

It’s terrifying but oh, so much fun!


I’ve been procrastinating for years about extending myself, to help with my speaking skills, into the world of Improv Theatre Sports. So this year I finally decided to get off my arse and do some lessons and giving it a go.

For me Improv is less about the theatrical and competitive aspect and more about the spontaneous, intuitive thinking and expression of a story. To step up, on stage, in front of an audience and perform, having no idea about what I’m about to say is both harrowing and exhilarating all at once. And it’s something we are often asked to do in real life in the way we interact with our community. Just think about how often you share an opinion!